#About Millet Mart Ventures

APEDA signed a MoU with ICAR-IIMR

In 2019 India exported millet worth about $458M. Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICAR-Indian Institute of Millet Research (ICAR-IIMR) in 2021 to increase exports through  quality production and processing.

The key focus of the MoU would be to promote commercial cultivation of processable varieties developed by ICAR-IIMR for exports which is expected to promote the value addition of millets, a cereal with high nutritive value.

This is mainly to promote millet and  create market linkages with farmers as well as Farmer Producers Organizations. APEDA and ICAR-IIMR would work in tandem to boost the value addition of millets and farmers’ income and to build the export centric ecosystem with the requisite supply chain linkages, technological repository, clinical studies, awareness creation, policy changes and pipeline of entrepreneurs. Both APEDA and ICAR-IIMR would work for developing knowledge on the understanding of markets, consumer preferences, emerging segments, analyzing export competitiveness, price volatility of markets and market intelligence on standards, regulations and trade policies.

Under this background M/S Millet Mart Ventures LLP (MMVL), a leading Millet Promotion Community, has now initiated a transparent ecosystem in Millet Value Chain.Profiling of Millets growers or farmers in all major millets growing regions of the country and strengthening of the seed supply chain would be the top priority. Development and Implementation of novel frameworks such as Traceability, Artificial intelligence, etc. would be taken for promoting millet exports as a part of  ‘Hand Holding activities’ for the Startups for export compliance.

To achieve this MMVL has approached Boaz Agri Analytics Co. Ltd, Ireland for a detailed Document to implement Blockchain Food Trust for Millet involving about 100 Formers whose productivity can be increased considerably using the deployment of IoT and Machine Learning Algorithms and a few Manufacturers, who will utilize the produce of these farmers. It is proposed to use the seeds provided by IIMR to ensure quality and traceability.

To gather Soil Conditions and other Crucial Parameters that will help to increase yield per acre, MMVL has signed up with M/S Farmagain, Coimbatore to deploy precision Farming Techniques and gather the pH values using IoT.

MMVL with these collaborations ensures 100% Transparency in the Millet Value Chain and achieves Food Trust.